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Harcourts Office and Personal Websites


Harcourts offers both Office and also Personal Websites for Sales Consultants, Business Development Managers and Property Managers.


Why should you have an Office or Personal Website:

  • Gives You Credibility
  • Allows Clients to Prospect You
  • Personal Branding
  • Listing Tool
  • Build Your Database
  • Point Of Difference
  • Offline + Online = INLINE
  • 53% of Harcourts Victoria's 2010/2011 top sales consultant's business came from personal marketing such as his website
  • Over 85% of buyers surveyed said they used the internet most commonly to search for property
  • Over 20% of tenants / landlords surveyed said they would use Harcourts websites to search for properties


With a Harcourts Website you are able to do the following:

  • Add Photos/Video
  • Add Links
  • Promote Your Other Online Platforms Such As Social Media
  • Add Downloadable Documents
  • Create Your Own Forms / Surveys
  • Build Your Database
  • Listings Will Automatically Feed From Harcourts One To The Websites
  • Make Any Office Listings A Feature Property
  • Sell Advertising On Your Website
  • Use Google Analytics To Track All The Traffic To And On Your Site
  • Use It Along Side Google AdWords